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Who We Are

We are a real estate investment firm that works with qualified investors to acquire and operate multi-family properties. By working with us, you can create wealth passively through our pool of capital that is strategically invested in real estate.


Our primary strategies are value-added and yield-plus:

1) Yield-plus assets are primarily stable, cash-flowing assets with operational upside and moderate upside upon sale. For this strategy, we focus on tertiary markets with higher cap rates.


2) Value-add assets typically require moderate to substantial capital improvements, but they are expected to generate higher upside upon sale, as well as further protect the investor’s equity position through value creation. For this strategy, we focus on marquee MSAs in the Mountain West.

Some of Our Most Common Investors:

· Dentists, Physicians, Attorneys, etc.

· Wall Street Professionals

· Corporate Executives

· Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, etc.

· Other Real Estate Investors

Investment Sources:

· Liquid Capital or Personal Funds

· Invest Directly From Self-Directed IRA or eQRP

· 401(k) 

· 1031 Exchange Funds

Why Cross Mountain Capital?


We utilize commercial databases and multi-family technology enabled investment and sourcing platforms for off market deal flow, as well as traditional relationships with brokers to source deals that fit our stringent underwriting criteria.


By acquiring properties with significant immediate cash flow as well as increasing net operating income through value add execution, we are able to deliver exceptional returns for our investors.

60+ years of collective experience in the real estate, legal and securities industries

Managed portfolios in excess of $250 million

Strong industry relationships

Demonstrated integrity and track record


Class B and C properties have experienced an increase in demand, as rising rental rates have pushed renters towards more affordable options.  As the wage gap and income disparity across the country builds, aggregate demand for Class B and C properties is also expected to increase.

A need for these assets exists, regardless of economic cycles. In tougher economic climates, Class A- and B+ renters may be forced to downscale to Class B or C multi-family units.  Newer and younger entrants to the renting pool also tend to look for value-add properties. Class B and C buildings can fill these renters needs in both robust and weak economic cycles.

Generally, class B and C Class properties are rarely built for working-class individuals.  When new apartment complexes are built, they are inherently class A properties with a corresponding higher rent.




We constantly underwrite off-market and listed deals and, as well as utilize the industry leading technology platforms to identify and analyze opportunities  The integration of our technology, expert sourcing team and top operators provides a true competitive advantage in multi-family investing.


We partner with investment funds and/or local cosponsor on almost every deal: When you invest with us, you typically invest alongside sophisticated and experienced co-investors. 


We pride ourselves on being very hands-on and invest in each deal and send updates to our investors at least monthly. 


We are a conservative company. Our underwriting is forward-looking, yet  conservative when it comes to income macro and micro projections, debt structure and capital expenditure budgeting. We are optimistic, but have lived through several cycles and prepared for tail risk.  Preservation and growth of capital are at the the core of every decision and process.


We believe in full transparency and honesty. No investment is 100% risk-free, and though our return are very high, we disclose the good and the bad, by providing updates and  quarterly financial reports.




Sign Up on our Investor Portal and go through our investor questionnaire and 1 on 1 meeting to determine if passive real estate investment is appropriate.


Investor Network Membership Benefits

Once approved, you will be added to our distribution list for future deals, most of which are off-market opportunities.


Sign & Invest

If there is a opportunity that is a good fit, you will be able to review the Executive Summary, sign associated deal documentation (PPM, Investor Questionnaire, Subscription Agreement and  Operating Agreement) and send funds to an escrow account.


Close & Earn

Upon closing, you will begin earning your proportionate share of distributions, which are made each quarter along the way. We typically send monthly updates on each deal.


Have a question or want to send us a property? 

We'd love to hear from you:

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